Friday, June 13, 2008

Rains in the Trains

Monsoons have arrived and this is just the beginning. For the daily commuters like me here are some helpful observations that i made while travelling in trains specially during the rains.
- Try to catch the middle most seat in the compartment. In that way you are saved of the water that seeps in through the windows and doors.
- In case you are standing, stand in the opposite direction or else be rest assured that your cloths are going to get wet cos of the gushing water that enters through the open doors.
- Don't forget to carry a plastic cover handy to fit your umbrella in it as soon as you get into the train. You don't want the co passengers giving you dirty stares cos your wet umbrella is dripping water on them.
- Carry some old newspaper to wipe the wet seats so that you don't have to travel standing even when there is ample space to sit in the train just because the seats are wet.
- Carry a hand towel or tissues as well.
- Switch on to your pair of Lenses and avoid using specs this season. If you really want to enjoy the rains you better enjoy them clean and clear.
- Avoid wearing white bottoms. Of course only if you don't mind displaying stripling art on it.
- Fold your jeans knee high atleast when you are travelling. Don't think about fashion at such times.
- Wear your watching on that hand by which you are holding your umbrella. If you wear it on the other its bound to get wet unless it's water proof of course.

In case you have any handy suggestions for this season do drop in your comment.


anand said...

and the foot wear of course....non slippery and long lasting(at least till rains r over)

Sharvari said...

there is dog and cow pooh everywhere... be careful while u walk...
i wonder do cows shit only in d monsoon? i don't see it anywhere in d other seasons.