Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bday time!

Its time to wish some of my friends a happy birthday on my blog. Though their bday's have gone but i coudn't find time to blog them cos of my ongoing exams which have finally come to a halt.
Happy Birthday to Swathi Moorthy who celebrated her bday on the International Womens Day and Jayashree who celebrated her bday romancing with Business Studies books!

Thats me and jayashree in the pic ;) cute isnt it!!!
aah damn its been so long that i havent seen Swathi. Looking forward for your trip here this May!!!! I bet we'll have loads of fun!!!

Luv u guys!!!


simply me! said...

hey damn cute pic! and what a sweet gesture..that u to blog for your friends on their b'days...very touching! my birthday is on 26th july.. :p

anand said...

cute pic
and happy b'day to all at 1 go from me too...
doesnt matter if u dont know me