Wednesday, November 07, 2007


How is it possible that its diwali time n a maharastrian house hold is without such delicacies like chivda, chakli, besan ka laadu, rava ka laadu, shankarpali, karanji....
Its only diwali time when u are fortunate enough to have a plate full off such yummy items. and considering the foodaholic that i'm i am always eager to pounce upon a hand full of things at a time...n guess wat the pics which u see here on my blog....i have made all those things....yup tht rava ka laadu n besan ka laadu is made my me with my moms assistance in rolling them out in perfect rounds....the chivda is fully to my credit n so are the chaklis though partially!...there is a huge contribution in all the things u see in here ;)
I bet your mouth must be watering now....n the stock is limited so if at all u want to have a taste of it u are heartily invited...after all its diwali time...Happy Diwali n a Prosperous New Year !!!!!
Dont worry u wont need medicines after eating them (as one of my friend says otherwise)


Sharvari said...

nice nice!
andy cooking... wats up, eh? [wink]
anyways diwali brings a lot of happiness and light along with it. Diwali is my favourite festival, except for the crackers part. Somehow i hate them.
Wishing u too a happy and prosperous diwali! Have a blast(without crackers)!!!

- Sharvari

sid! said...

Wow..tats some handful stuff to get your hands on..anyways seems at least some1 is putting on a lot of fat...wish u a prosperous year ahead..and may d goodies keep on flowing into your life.