Monday, September 03, 2007

A Thoughtful Voice.

He is a splendid singer. His voice is mesmerising. When i listen to him with my eyes closed my body sways to his tunes. Shri Kishnamurthy sir. He is undoubtedly the best classical singer. Right from the time he sang for our Arangetram i have joined his fan following.
Today after a long long time i browsed through all my bharatnatyam dance videos. Unfortunately my arangetam CD has got spoilt. But i had a few others from our performances at Mysore Association Hall and i 'll trace the rest of them soon.
After listening to him today I felt my heart beat at the same pace and got those goosebumps just the way i used when we did our dance rehearsals a day before our performance with sir. There is always a mixed feeling of thrill, excitement to give our best shot and a fear of making a mistake in front of him. He matches his sur with the shruti peti in great perfection and the beauty in which those rhythmic patterns come out of his vocal chords makes us forget all the fears in life. His voice brings out the apt expression on the dancers face. He is such a versatile personality. If only i could upload a clipping of his i sure would.
I bow down to him. And on the occasion of teachers day i seek his blessings.

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abha said...

hey thanks for reminder...there are few ppl to whom i owe gr8ly..those who i call my teachers!i will definitely do something for them this year..