Monday, August 13, 2007

The Unplanned Adventure

It was high time then that i needed a break from my work. This was somewhere in the month of May & June when all my other friends were vacationing in 'some place nice' or just had loads of leisure time to spend. More over few of my friends were back home from their hostels for summer vacation. I could never be a part of any of the things that these guys planned upon. Be it movies or essel world or water kingdom or even lunch or dinner or just to meet up at medows or even have a stroll till DMart. I won't say i was busy but i just couldn't find time to spend with them and enjoy what actually could have been my vacations in the true sense.
But I m what i m. One evening the plan to go to water kingdom didn't materialise. As it is i coudn't be a part of it cos i couldnt miss my 'work'. But then the thought of not being with friends but going for work and do the same boring things hit me hard. The very next morning i rang up all my friends saying 'hook or by crook what ever happens we are all going out today. I dont care if the sky splits or the earth quakes I need to breath some fresh air'. After some efforts in no time were the 5 of us all ready to head towards Golden Swan Country Club.(which was really surprising cos u dont know how long Moon can take to get ready). Choti Swati n Yogi Bear coudnt make it but myself, Abha, Moon, Joshi sweets n Aky had a fun time. It was all a sudden unplanned event which went off quite well. We packed the bare necessities which we wud require and set off to have some great time. The club is a beautiful place on the yeoor hills amidst lush green open land, a lawn tennis court, lake, swimming pool, indoor games n more n more vast green lands. All in all a full to worth dandi to office. (n u wudnt want to know want reason i gave for the dandi ;)


abha said...

cool pic...who took it yaar?(mischievious grin)

Siddharth Joshi said...


obviously i took it, in AUTO-TIMER mode of course!