Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cook it up

Experimenting with spices is something which I have always loved.
Every single one has a unique taste and that aromatic, peppery, herbaceous smell. A sprinkle of cardamom powder, 2-3 cloves, a dash of black pepper with a pinch of salt along with some haldi and hing can make a savory dish.

All those n number of spices are a treat to your taste buds and the peculiar smell of some of them bring back a lot of memories like the ma ke haath ka bana khaana.

Moms not home and i'm already hungry now :) And this is the best time for me to venture into the kitchen and try a hand on something new and different. (thrs no one ard to stop me ;) I have few very good dishes to my credit and there are good alibis to it. I suppose some of you'll might have had the pleasure of tasting some of my delicacies :D If not your welcome home anytime. Be my Guest.

If your hungry and no ones home just boil some potatoes, smash them up, give a haldi n jeera ka tadka and you'll survive for the day ;) Really simple if u don't want to experiment upon anything yet have some healthy food.

Eat Healthy Think better......

Gute Appetit!!!


anand said...

ohh...experimentin in the kitchen,...good adventure...carry on and do pass some good stuff(if u by chance happen to make it), to ur neighbourin buildin...am ready to risk tastin some of ur stuff..

pooja said...

Hehe....gud gud....I experimented on sambar the other day.....Fortunately no one is sick at home and it turned out quite fine !!!hehe....i'd like to say tht atleast!!!;)