Friday, May 12, 2006

Falling apart.

When one thing goes wrong its as if ever other thing follows suite. Its as if the whole thing is a pyramid build of blocks. When a block falls it takes everything down along with it. I dont know what it is. Is it ones perseption of looking at things in a peculiar way or is it that really the whole universe is conspiring against you? What is it?
When a thing goes haywire it so happens that one is not in the rite mental status to do the successive things in the good order and so all things seem to be falling apart.Is it so? If yes then why blame the universe haan? Its actully you whose conspiring against yourself and blaming rest of the world for being the culprits of ur plight.
I am not saying blame youself for everything but but let your consious know that somewhere its your fault after all. Try to save the other blocks from falling. I am pretty sure that its just one thing that goes wrong which either gives a freeway for other problems or reasons to come through or its just your behaviour that makes other things tougher.
You need to have a lot of things to get the ball in your court. Mental stability, stress mangement skills, calm, composure and just the right words.
And ya when things are falling apart don't sit to write your blog.



sid! said...

1)i beliv in the theory of one conspiring against oneself yet a prob exists even if it exists only in the mind of the individual!!
2)sucees feed on succes nd so does failure on failure same way good feed on good nd evil on evil it requires great strength be it gud/evil 2 change the momentum either ways.
3)wrld conspiring for u or against u is just the way u want 2 see it ultimately it boils down 2 ur own eyes ur own choice ur own destiny!

Anonymous said...

I see someone is vindictive as usual... relax... observe... learn... smile and move on...